Modeled after the Original, this is the ultimate one call that will do it all. From loud ringing hail calls, raw, hang-it-all-out duck, to super sexy, soft, up close, put your landing gear down calling.

Coco Bola Wood/Polymer Call

RNT113   $43.00




Duck Hunter Call 
The Hunter series Duck call comes decked out with a custom crafted wooden barrel and a hand tuned, molded polymer insert. Each piece of wood is hand selected from our fine stock of Cocobolo. This is a great entry level call with the drop dead gorgeous looks and sound you come to expect from RNT. Single Reed


Cocobolo Barrel- Cocobolo comes from the west coast of Central America and is selected for its high oil content. Its color varies from a rich red to an attractive yellow-orange striped appearance. It is a hard wood weighing 65 lb./ft. Old timers say the wetter it gets, the better it sounds. Cocobolo has a full deep sound, and is regarded as the best all around woods among hunters.

-Molded Polymer Insert

-Brass Band

Ideal Usage

Ideal Use 
    •    Long Distance Calling
    •    Open water and Field Hunting
    •    All Purpose Call
    •    Great for Beginners


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“Everyone that hunts loves to see youth get involved in our sport. I can’t think of a better call or combo package to get any youngster or begining duck hunter started blowing a call. This call and calling package has everything you need to get calling quickly with profiency.”
  Todd Copely
Des Moines, IA
RNTeam Professional
2003 World Champion
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