Designed by World Goose Calling Champion Shawn Stahl to be extremely responsive, easy to use, and produces the most realistic sound to date, whether in the field or on the stage.

Black G3

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The all New RNT G3 Canada Goose call.  This call has been completely designed from the ground up by RNT'S team of expert callers from around the country.  Designed to be extremely responsive, easy to use and produces the most realistic goosey sounds of Giant Canada Honkers to date. The G3 is truly the one call that will do it all.  From turning contest judges heads to finishing late season honkers it's one tool every serious goose hunter should have.


Acrylic-Acrylic is a form of Plexiglas. It is cast into a solid rod, which in turn makes this material very dense unlike molded plastics. Each rod is then turned down, producing a call that is unmatched in consistency, sound quality, and durability. Acrylic is more dense than wood and will produce a much sharper and louder sound. It has also been a guide favorite for years do to its superior durability over the years of harsh hunting conditions.

Bois D’Arc- Bois D’Arc is a native wood of North America. Its color is vivid bright yellow when first cut and slightly darkens with age. It is not oily like some of the exotic woods but still builds a very durable call due to its shear hardness. This hardness is what gives the wood its sharp unique sound. Bois D’Arc has a sharp, but hollow sound.

Cocobolo- Cocobolo comes from the west coast of Central America and is selected for its high oil content. Its color varies from a rich red to an attractive yellow-orange striped appearance. It is a hard wood weighing 65 lb./ft. Old timers say the wetter it gets, the better it sounds. Cocobolo has a full deep sound, and is regarded as the best all around woods among hunters.

-Stainless Steel Band

Ideal Usage

Ideal Use 
    •    Contest Judges
    •    Giant Canada Geese
    •    Small Waterways
    •    Fields


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