The Macrohen was developed to provide a call that would produce the higher pitch, squeaky sound of a young hen crossed with a raspier double reed sound and forgiveness.

Macrohen Black Acrylic

RNT263   $115.00




We have used the popular Microhen design to develop this call. The Macrohen Produces a raspier sound than the Microhen but keeps the higher pitch tone, and squeaky cajun squeal, while adding all the forgiveness of a double reed.


Acrylic-Acrylic is a form of Plexiglas. It is cast into a solid rod, which in turn makes this material very dense unlike molded plastics. Each rod is then turned down, producing a call that is unmatched in consistency, sound quality, and durability. Acrylic is more dense than wood and will produce a much sharper and louder sound. It has also been a guide favorite for years do to its superior durability over the years of harsh hunting conditions.

- Cocobolo comes from the west coast of Central America and is selected for its high oil content. Its color varies from a rich red to an attractive yellow-orange striped appearance. It is a hard wood weighing 65 lb./ft. Old timers say the wetter it gets, the better it sounds. Cocobolo has a full deep sound, and is regarded as the best all around woods among hunters.

-Brass Bands on Wood

-Stainless Steel Bands on Acrylic

Ideal Usage

Ideal Use
    •    Perfect compliment to another RNT Call( Different sound)
    •    Late Season Calling
    •    Timber
    •    Imitating Young Mallard Hens


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